A bit about us..


Supporting makers, creatives and curators.

Hi, we are glad you’re here

We’re the Cross’s, Cire’, Mike and Elsie. We are the owners of DUNE Gift + Home here in little Norwegian town of Stoughton, WI.

Opening a shop of my own has been a dream since I can remember. Owning, running and making for Cire’ Alexandria Jewelry since 2011, working for other small business, and a degree in Interior Design has brought me and my family to this adventure.

Opening a brick and mortar shop might seem like a gamble in this day and age when you can Amazon Prime just about anything.. but I believe the pendulum is swinging back to small, hand made and local. My jewelry business thrived with local support and a lot of love, now its time to give back. Here at DUNE we want to boost makers and curators, to help them live their dreams, to create, to share.

More coming soon to the BLOG.