The Perfect Gift for Every Zodiac Sign


What’s your sign?

That question has never been more complicated to answer (are we talking sun signs? Moon signs? Rising signs?), and yet as a society we’re more interested in birth charts than ever before. We’re obsessed with figuring out the hidden levels of our personality that are associated with each planetary position. Cire’ Cross, Dune’s founder and resident shopkeeper, recently created a capsule jewelry collection revolving around the concept of the cosmos. There are even apps that give you daily affirmations and advice based on your unique birth chart.

It only makes sense that we’d buy someone a gift based on their zodiac sign too, right?

Today’s post is a continuation of that inspiration, a helpful guide to buying someone a gift based on their zodiac sign’s dominating traits. We’re focusing on sun signs today to keep it simple, so reference your friend or family member’s birthday to determine their sign! Let’s jump into it.

What Gift Should I Buy for Each Zodiac Sign?


Aries is a fire sign, symbolized by the figure of a ram. For this same reason they are said to be hard headed, full of energy, and always craving activity.


So, what does one buy an individual with an Aries sun sign? The perfect gift for someone with this fiery energy is an item that shows off their fierce personality. We suggest a set of statement earrings in a sunset shade, or perhaps a nail varnish in a similarly shocking tone. If your friend isn’t the feminine type, a gift that plays more to their fast-paced lifestyle could be the perfect solution. A sleek water bottle, athletic clothing, or a functional gym tote is the way to go.


Taurus men and women are known for their love of comfort and home, which makes sense for an earth sign. Dune has plenty of gift options for Taurus, and we’d recommend starting with our home goods offerings.


Items like cozy candles, essential oils, luxurious body care items - these are the gifts that a Taurus will fall in love with. Take any chance that you get to purchase a present for them that engages all of the senses. If you’re looking for something outside of the typical gift shop, a cooking class experience or a chef’s table dinner are great alternatives.


Geminis get a bad reputation, with their twin symbol creating a stereotype that they are two-faced or prone to mood swings. In reality, Geminis are extremely intelligent individuals whose minds are always at work.


If you want to buy a gift for a Gemini, choose an item that highlights their intelligence or provides them with an outlet to put their thoughts into action. Journals, planners, and blotting pads would be welcomed by a Gemini for any occasion. At the next pricing tier, tech-focused items like portable chargers, cameras, and phone cases would make great gifts for a Gemini.


Water signs like Cancer have a penchant for comfort and tend to lean on their emotions in their daily life. When you’re buying your Cancer friend or family member a gift, try to tap into that mindset and consider what would fill up their hearts and make them think of you whenever they use your present.


When in doubt think, what is the coziest thing in this store?

We recommend something that they can use to sink into the comfort of their home. Whether you choose cozy slippers, a plush robe, velvet pillows, or a handwoven throw blanket, you’ll make a Cancer very happy.


We all know a Leo. They’re the friend in the group who is always the center of attention, radiating confidence and a certain kind of power that you can’t quite put your finger on. They’re known for their larger than life personality, and whatever gift that you buy them should reflect that.


This is a sign of fun and games, so a vintage board game could be the perfect addition to their home. If you want to focus on the side of their personality that is image-obsessed, consider a camera for selfies or clean makeup that will show off their features.


How can you tell if someone is a Virgo? Just ask them if they have a 5 year plan. Virgos are an earth sign, known for the grounded and realistic nature and their tendency to set goals, pursue them furiously, and remain insanely organized along the way.

Virgo Gift.jpg

A gift for your Virgo friend should help them on their way to their biggest dreams. Find a customizable planner so that they can plan every minute of their day, or invest in a meaningful journal for them where they can write down the details of their life. 

On the opposite hand, Virgos can get too bogged down by their own ambition and forget to make time for self care. A yoga mat or a juicer could be the item that rounds out their carefully curated routine.


An air sign in all of its glory, Libras are signified by the silhouette of a scale, each side perfectly balanced to the other. Libras revel in peace, always seeking out the opportunity to smooth over a situation or provide clarity when a conversation seems one-sided.


For the loving Libra in your life, look for items that (as Marie Kondo would say) would bring them joy. Beautiful wall art, macrame wall hangings, or a lavender-scented candle evoke the spirit of peace and balance. For a brighter gift, consider giving your Libra friend a living, breathing plant to neutralize the air in their home.


Scorpios are an iconic water sign, symbolized as, you guessed it, a formidable scorpion. Though their emblem is an intimidating and deadly creature, Scorpios have a softer side, an emotional aspect to their personality that is not always immediately evident.


In an example of this hard and soft duality, they are drawn to the color black. This shade is mysterious, deep, dark, comforting, frightening, and powerful all at once. When choosing a gift for your Scorpio, lean toward this color. Leather, soft and supple yet durable will be your friend. Neutral jewelry in this pitch dark shade will also be a winning choice.


Like their symbol the archer, the Sagittarius points ahead, seeking adventure and opportunity over the horizon. This fire sign has an endless urge to explore, to change their surroundings and themselves simultaneously.


For this reason, Sagittarius friends and family likely love to travel and spend most of their time on the road, at sea, or in the air. The perfect gift for these on-the-go souls would be a passport holder or an antique compass. For those that simply have aspirations of travel or exploration, thrifted travel books filled with notes from previous trips and maps drawn with the routes of former journeys could be perfect for filling the gap.


Capricorns have a singular, determined mindset. They essentially believe that they can do anything that they set their minds to if they just try hard enough and put in the time. They are avid DIY-ers, and love to work with their hands, using their practical nature to get the job done.


Providing Capricorns with an outlet to practice their passions, something like gardening tools or a paint set, would warm their hearts.

In addition to hands-on gifts, Capricorns have an affinity for items with a history. We knew we liked you, Capricorns! Dune has a variety of antique and vintage items for you to choose from for your earth sign friend, from furniture to home goods.


Aquarius men and women are forward-thinking, revolutionary, always coming up with a new idea and leading the way toward change. They’re free spirited and often a bit eccentric, so it can be difficult to purchase a gift that feels like it’s 100% “them” while remaining genuine to your relationship.


There are, however, a few things that you just can’t go wrong with for an Aquarius. Technology is the first category, namely the newest model or a trendy item. These air signs love to be early adopters. When shiny new tech is outside of your comfort zone, lean in to their inclination to be environmentally-friendly. Seek out sustainable home goods or textiles made out of recycled materials that they have never seen before. Their inquisitiveness will shine through and you’ll feel like you really nailed this gift.


The final sign of the zodiac, it is said that Pisces contain a bit of every sign that comes before them. They are a water sign, and innately sensitive to those around them, overwhelmingly empathetic, and just a little bit head-in-the-clouds. They are also notably intuitive and tend to be attracted to the woo-woo side of life.

Pisces Gift.jpg

Embrace that love of the spiritual world by gifting a Pisces with tarot cards to help them nail down their thoughts and emotions, or sage to help them clear the air of those same distractions. Candles in complex scents that evoke another time will make a Pisces proud to display them in their home. If you have the option, adding a spiritually-focused book to your gift will add another level of joy for these curious, creative minds.

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