Trend Report: Forget the Registry, We're Going Rogue


It seems that every year, when the weather gets a little warmer and the trees start to bud, we start receiving wedding invitations. Our mailbox is full of gorgeous cardstock asking us to join our friends and family for a special day celebrating a couple that we love. Wedding invitations have gotten larger and more information-packed over the years (though, that’s a story for a different day), usually accompanied by RSVP cards and details about the couple’s wedding registry, listing where they’ve created a wishlist of items they want most for their wedding gift, usually from one or two large retailers.

That last part is just a little...impersonal.

Why Wedding Registries Are On Their Way Out

Wedding registries were originally created as a way for a brand new couple to make special requests for items that they would need in their new home. People used to get married at a much younger age than they do today, so it was likely that they hadn’t lived together before tying the knot. This meant they didn’t have very many belongings that they could use to start their life together. Wedding registries allowed them to have a clear list of “needs” that people could purchase from and present to them at their wedding.

Things are obviously a little different today. It’s much more likely that a couple will have lived together before getting married, they have established careers, and they’ve been out of their parents’ homes for quite a while now. 


Registries just don’t hold the same appeal for the modern wedding. As a potential bride or groom, you probably already have the typical kitchen appliances that you’d ask for and a bedding set that you already really love.

What’s more, as a wedding guest, it can feel pretty unoriginal to simply pick a gift off the registry and send it to your friend or family member. If you forgot what you gave them, it won’t be very memorable to them either.

Why We Love Unique Wedding Gifts

Going off the registry is the best way to give your friend or family member a gift that they’ll actually cherish from their wedding day or shower. 

When a couple creates their wedding registry, they’re limited by what a mass retailer can offer them. Usually registries are created through large stores so that all wedding guests have access to them, but this leaves the couple with only generic options to choose from. If you go off the registry and find a set of dishes or a vintage decanter that you know they’ll love, you’ll stand out.


We’re partial to the thought and care that goes into a vintage or handmade gift. The act of gift giving can be overwhelming and paralyzing, or light and loving. When you take the time to search for the perfect gift, either handed down through generations or created by a local artisan, you are sharing a story and creating a deeper connection with your gift. 

The next time that you’re invited to a wedding, consider going off of the registry and buying something for your friend or family member that speaks to you. Not only will the experience be more meaningful for you as the gift giver, the couple that you’re celebrating will remember your generosity and appreciate your gift for years to come.