Unique Back to School Supplies


We can’t believe that summer is almost over! Here at Dune, this means we’re prepping for autumn fragrances, seasonal decor, and that crisp cool air that seems to linger in Stoughton when the weather changes. 

With warmer tones and early sunsets comes another milestone event: school starting up again. So many of you have kids at home, and we know how painful school shopping can be for you. It seems like lists get longer every year, and it’s a mad dash to pick out supplies that are not only necessary, but exciting for your children (of any age!).


The school supplies you’ll find at Dune aren’t your typically primary colored notebooks and character-emblazoned pencil cases, they’re minimal, sophisticated, and meant for the student who wants to stand out in the classroom from kindergarten to college.

Unique Back to School Supplies

For the organized one

If you or your child is obsessed with organization, we recommend the wide variety of stationary and writing materials that we have in the shop. From notepads to notebooks, journals to planners, and even items for correspondence, your type-A student will find what they need here at Dune. Best of all, you’ll be supporting a small business owner or local maker who created your supplies, so you can feel good knowing that your school shopping is benefitting someone other than a big box corporation.


For the goal-getter

This year, you and your student are setting goals and taking names. At Dune, this go-get-em attitude corresponds with the chic to-do lists that we have on display. Not only can you keep track of your homework, school events, and club obligations, you can also use these to-do lists to meal plan for your family or set daily and monthly intentions to keep you focused throughout the academic year.

For everyone

Who doesn’t need a pencil case to carry around those brand new school supplies? Unlike the hybrid plastic and vinyl versions you’ll find in mainstream outlets, Dune carries handmade cloth versions guaranteed to last through any exam, paper, or group project. If you’re looking for something a little bit larger,  we also carry totes with a variety of relatable sayings and artwork that can help you express your personality in the classroom or at the playground. From supply cases to lunch boxes, we have everything you need to get through the day - and stand out in the crowd.

For the mom

One unique school supply that you won’t find on other roundup lists: gifts for you, the mom. The beginning of the school year is a stressful time, as your family works to adjust to a new schedule, new responsibilities, and new obligations. To help you ease into this new chapter, we suggest stocking up on sage (for energy clearing) and candles (for comfort and relaxation) here at Dune.

The school year is coming up yet again (ah!), but this year doesn’t have to be as stressful as those in the past. If you pop into Dune for an afternoon, we’ll help you find exactly what you need for your child (or yourself) before those first day jitters hit.

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