Trend Report: Woven Handbags


One item is selling out of our shop faster than any other this season: woven handbags.

This neutral, natural take on a necessary accessory has inspired us to rethink our everyday uniforms, searching for a way to incorporate this eye-catching piece into our outfits. Luckily, it’s not difficult - these woven handbags go with nearly any outfit.

Whether you’re looking for a more sustainable option than leather handbags, or you just want to add something completely different to your wardrobe, woven handbags are the trend you’ll want to take advantage of this summer.

What are woven handbags?

Woven handbags are purses that are created using weaving and roping techniques to turn natural fibers into trend forward bags. 

Image Credit:  @timshelshop

Image Credit: @timshelshop

This particular style has been popping up everywhere, but it has artisanal origins. Previously dubbed “basket bags”, they’ve been spotted throughout history, from ancient times when people used rattan to create baskets so tight that they could hold water to the 1970s when Jane Birkin was photographed with her perfectly unfussy basket bag.

We’re partial to the bags currently being made by APPRVL, a New York-based brand that specializes in rope bags and natural dyeing - and it seems as though our customers are too!

Why we love woven handbags

Nicely neutral

You can’t go wrong with a neutral accessory. Woven handbags are typically made with the natural tone of the material used to create them in mind, sticking with cozy tans, browns, and sables. These shades offer warmth and depth to any outfit, where a typical purse could add an almost synthetic aspect to your look. A woven handbag is the perfect choice for the natural, but put together shopper.

Image Credit:  @callmeflowerchild

Image Credit: @callmeflowerchild

Tempting texture

Many purses are made of leather (or a vegan version of the material), but woven handbags offer something completely different. The dynamic texture that is so characteristic of rope purses tells a story, and offers an individuality that simply cannot be duplicated by mass made bags.

Endless ways to wear

We’re not only loving rope purses because of their material, but also because of their easy factor. You can throw on one of these chic bags with a pair of vintage jeans and a t-shirt for a downtown casual look, or with a sundress for feminine flair. You can even make this bag work for work! How special would it be to pair one of these natural material bags with a vintage suit?

Image Credit:  @aleksandrazee

Image Credit: @aleksandrazee

Absolutely artisanal

While woven handbags have started to make an appearance in some mainstream retailers, our favorites are created by artisans and small business owners across the country. Many modern handbags look the same because they’re created by the same factories, but woven handbags carry their own backstory, their own history that makes them special.

Have you been coveting a woven handbag this summer? We have a great selection from APPRVL in the shop right now, but you’ll have to act quickly - they don’t stay put for long!