How to Design Your Brand - And Stick with It


If there’s one thing that people bring up time and again about Dune, it’s our brand. That stunning shade of sepia, the combination of sunset oranges and pinks, our in-store mural that evokes the clean lines and minimalism that we are so drawn to.

Brand has become something of a buzzword among small business owners and marketing gurus. We talk constantly about how important it is to develop one, to create a combination of colors, words, and digital collateral that is unique to our business. But, if we’re getting down to brass tax, how do you create something that you can be proud of - and how do you stick with it?

3 options for designing your brand

Make it about you

The simplest advice for designing a brand that always feels true to you is to make it just that: about you. If your brand speaks to your personal interests, aesthetic, and vision, you’ll feel connected to it and be less likely to change it throughout your time as a business owner.

Lean into design elements that feel uniquely you. Look through your Pinterest boards, saved Instagram posts, and art that you’re inspired by and determine common themes. Integrate these aspects into your visual brand for something that is decidedly individual.


Make it about feeling

If you’re less comfortable being in the spotlight as a maker, identify the feeling that you want your customers to experience when they interact with your brand. 

Are you a welcoming shop? Are you proud of your ability to calm and pamper your customers? Are you all about re-energizing your fans with your product offerings, or inspiring them with your message? Your brand should reflect the feeling that you choose in every area: from color tones and copy to packaging and UX.


Make it about mission

When a single feeling or a personal bent just won’t do, look back at your business’ mission. Why do you do what you do? Is there a charitable aspect to your work? What makes you excited to wake up in the morning and work on your business?

As a mission-driven brand, your values should be at the center of your brand. Consider the design elements that evoke those values and highlight them in every aspect of your business.

Why you shouldn’t change your branding

Here’s where it gets tricky: once you’ve created your brand, you really should stick with it.

It can be so tempting to update your branding with each new design trend, changing out colors and fonts, images and product lines with the changing tides. Social media has made it easy for us to compare ourselves to other small businesses, to see brands that we admire and wish that ours was different. Comparisonitis can make us feel like our brands aren’t exciting enough, new enough, good enough to compete in the market.


Don’t give into that urge. Each time that you change your brand you dilute its meaning, proving to your customer that you don’t actually know what your company stands for, or what you’re offering.

When you create a brand and stick with it, you’re creating a memorable experience for your customer, one that will feel authentic and encourage them to keep coming back to the company that they know, love, and trust.

As you create your brand, keep the three options mentioned above in mind and endeavor to build something that grow with you and your company. The closer you can stick to your original vision, the more likely you’ll have a brand that stands the test of time and creates a loyal audience.