More Dune to Love

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When we first opened the doors to Dune in 2018, we had a vision for what this shop could be.

A place to celebrate the works of makers, artists, and small business owners. 

A one stop shop for unique, heartfelt gifts for anyone in your life. 

A workshop where our founder Cire could produce stunning jewelry pieces for Cire Alexandria. 

A minimalist, bohemian place where we could curate home goods, vintage furniture, stationary, personal care products, fragrance, and more for the conscious consumer.

One year in (almost!), Dune has met all of those expectations - and become so much more. We’ve been so blessed to have the buy in of the Stoughton community, and to even have customers travel all the way into town from Madison and the surrounding area in order to shop with us.

Dune is something special. We knew it from the start. Now, we’re taking it to the next level.

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Dune Gift + Home Expands Into Larger Space

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on expanding Dune Gift + Home so that the shop is utilizing a larger space. In the beginning, Dune’s merchandise could be found in the front of our store on Main Street, with a gathering space beyond, and the Cire Alexandria workshop tucked safely behind a door even further back.

Today, we’re proud to say that we’ve been listening to our customers and we’ve taken their feedback and run with it.

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We’ve transformed that gathering space, initially created with the intention of hosting events and classes, into an expanded, dynamic retail area. This section of our shop is still conducive to pop ups and other collaborative events, but, in the meantime, it’s housing even more of your favorite products and artworks.

We were lucky enough to have brand new shelves and displays created by Jim of Lumbering Behemoth. Dune has such an individual aesthetic, and Jim captured it perfectly with our new vertical wooden displays. 

With this additional space, it just feels lighter in here. There’s more air to breathe. More room to mill about as you decide whether or not to buy that third candle (hint: you should).

More room to imagine the possibilities.

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Dune will only continue to evolve, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the flexibility that we have in our own space. From the potential for vintage clothing to larger furniture, expanding into the back of Dune provides us with the opportunity to really explore what we can offer to you, our customers. 

What do you want to see from us next? What do you feel is missing in Dune, or what do you wish we had more of? 

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Pop in and let us know - we’re always here behind the counter, rearranging the products on our shelves, or testing out a new clean moisturizer as we work. No judgment. 

While you’re here, we’ll be sure to thank you. It’s because of your support, your feedback, your belief in this little gift and home shop that we’re able to make massive moves like this in the business. We hope to see you in the shop again soon.

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