Creating a Peaceful Morning Routine


At this point, “morning routine” has become a bit of a buzzword. You can find hundreds of articles about how successful entrepreneurs start their days, how fitness gurus pack in a long workout before the sun comes up, and how some side hustlers and small business owners get to inbox zero before getting dressed for the day.

Here’s the thing: a true, peaceful morning routine only works if it was created specifically for you. If you’re not a runner, you’ll never find peace in tying up your tennis shoes and hitting the pavement. If you’re not a reader, picking up a book first thing in the morning won’t start your day on a high note.

When creating your peaceful morning routine, think of the actions that you would take if you had all the time in the world. What would your perfect day look like if nothing else was on your schedule? Pick 1-2 of those things and try to integrate them into your morning routine. We guarantee you’ll notice a major difference in your outlook. In this post, we’re sharing a few of our personal favorite actions to add to a morning routine.

Ideas for a Peaceful Morning Routine

Drinking a warm beverage

What’s more soothing than heating up a warm cup of tea or a scalding cup of coffee in the morning? The scent alone is enough to wake us up and get us ready for our day. It doesn’t hurt that you probably have a collection of stunning ceramic mugs hanging out in your cupboards right? If you’re looking for a new addition, we know a place.

Image Source;  echeri_ceramics

Image Source; echeri_ceramics

Writing in your journal

Getting your affirmations and intentions for the day down on paper is a great way to put yourself in the right mindset before you have to get to work (or wake up your kids - we know that feeling!). Whether your journaling style tends to lean toward a daily recap, a to-do list, deep thoughts, lyrics, poetry, or even doodles, letting the creative side of your mind light up before the sun rises is an incredible goal for a morning routine.

Listening to soothing music or tuning into educational podcasts

If you’re more into a bit of noise than the sound of silence, music or podcasts may be what your morning is missing. Throw your favorite vinyl on your record player, boot up your bluetooth speaker, or say, “Hey Google, play Goal Digger Podcast!” Peaceful doesn’t have to mean boring, and bringing in some sonic inspiration is a great way to make your routine your own.


Intentional skincare

Some of us shower in the morning, but for others it’s a time when cleansing the face suffices. Instead of quickly using face wash and calling it quits, consider integrating some serums, a facial massage, or even a steam into your morning routine. Taking the time to do something intentional for your skin can feel luxurious and definitely peaceful.

Take a nature walk

If you’re lucky enough to live near untouched nature, use your proximity to your advantage. Embrace the morning air and explore your surroundings. The landscape just looks different in the early hours of the day. New scents, new light, new leaves to crunch under your feet, new discoveries. This piece of a morning routine gets your heart going, gives your cheeks a bit of a flush, and sets you up for an inspiring day.