Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019


Mother’s Day 2019 falls on May 12th, the second Sunday of the month. Have you started thinking about what you want to treat your mom with this year?

(Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us if you haven’t.)

As is usually the case, many of us have waited until the last minute to pick up a Mother’s Day present, yet we want to make sure that the gift we choose is as exceptional and unique as our mothers are. It’s a bit of a conundrum, and the time crunch leaves us with fewer choices, which typically results in a present that’s fine, but not quite right.

Your mom deserves a gift that requires a little more thought don’t you think?

Why your Mother’s Day gift matters

Of course, your mother would never say anything if your gift wasn’t the exact thing she was hoping for. Mommas are notorious for putting others’ needs before their own, and if your mom’s anything like that, she’s probably just happy to be spending time with you for the day, happy to have your attention.

Our own founder, Cire’, is a mother, and we’re sure that she would be just as thrilled with a finger painting from sweet Elsie as she would be with a dainty piece of jewelry, as long as she got to do some serious snuggling around nap time.

So your mom is a generous, kind person who gives and gives without expecting anything in return. Isn’t that the exact reason why your Mother’s Day gift matters? Your mom has put so much time, effort, and energy into raising you to become the person that you are today, and this is the one day a year dedicated to her work as your mom.

Here’s the way we look at it: choosing a gift that shows your mom that you know her, understand her, and appreciate her shouldn’t be so difficult. Shopping online or in a big box store for the woman who has always been there for you can be incredibly  overwhelming and underwhelming simultaneously. That’s why (and we may be a bit biased) a vintage or a handmade item is the perfect choice for a Mother’s Day gift.

That’s where shopping at a local, curated shop comes in. By forgoing mass retailers and online stores, you’ll be able to find an item that perfectly suits your mother’s interests, and ensure that it’s something that no one else has, something that was clearly selected for her and her alone. She’s unlike anyone else - and her Mother’s Day gift should be too.

Quick note before we jump into the gift recommendations: Mother’s Day isn’t just about biological moms. Stepmothers, adopted mothers, close aunts, grandmothers, cousins, and even friends who have become mentors can be included in the Mother’s Day festivities. Everyone’s family is different - you choose who to celebrate on this day.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

For the Inspired Interior Designer

What’s associated more with a mother than the concept of home? Every mom has their own unique style, though some are more particular about the aesthetics of their homes than others.

Do you have any memories of your mom spending time picking through items in an antique shop? Or having a field day when she found out that you dragged mud in on her vintage rug? Perhaps your mom is the kind that has an endless supply of packages arriving at her doorstep, filled with handmade goodies that she found on Etsy that will be the perfect complement to her new decor. If so, your mom might just be the Inspired Interior Designer.


From bohemian to minimalist, and traditional to modern, your momma has her own individual vibe, and, this Mother’s Day, you can tap into it to give her the ideal gift.

An inspiration-filled coffee table book like this one, called “Abode: Thoughtful Living with Less” by by Serena Mitnick-Miller and Mason St. Peter could serve as the perfect source for your mom’s next big decorating project. This tome can be found at Dune Gift + Home (see what we did there?), where you’ll also find a myriad of items that would catch your mom’s eye. If you know she has a passion for interiors, a book such as this one could be just the thing to show her you care.

For the Self-Care Sophisticate

Self-care can be a treacherous topic for many moms, especially those with small children or very busy schedules. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for her to tick everything off of the to-do list and do something special for herself!

Don’t know how to tell if your mom could use a little self-care? Close your eyes and ask yourself this: does my mom put herself first? When she gets a bit of free time does she enjoy relaxing in a bath, or soaking in quiet energy? Do you have memories of your mother feeling frazzled, or only really slowing down when she could relish the time it took to get ready for the day?


The thing is most moms would love a gift that would encourage them to take some time for themselves, but some mothers find particular joy in the act of self-care. If either of those statements apply, your mom might be the Self-Care Sophisticate.

In that case, Dune has a variety of options for you to purchase for your mom. For a soothing scent, you can check out candles from Slow North and Wax Buffalo, or botanical sprays from Under Aurora. For a spa-like twist, the Rose Geranium Bath Salt or the Prickly Pear Cactus soap from SopranoLabs could be a luxurious gift for your deserving mom.

For the Mom with a Morning Routine

Ah, the fresh smell of coffee. It’s a scent that invigorates many of us in the morning, causing us to get out of bed and start our day even when the blankets are warm and the weather is dreary. With caffeine in hand, we can take on the day no matter if we’re morning people or not.

Does your mom savor those quiet morning hours? Is she known to jump out of bed to enjoy the sunrise, read a book before the world wakes up, or write in a journal to start her day? Has she developed a habit of buying organic coffee from around the world to add a bit of surprise and delight to her mornings? If so, your mom is probably the Mom with a Morning Routine.


The best gift that you can give this mother is an item that makes her morning simpler or more enjoyable. A handmade mug like this one with intricate details and an organic look is unlike anything she’d find in a mass retailer. It’s well-made, so it can withstand her piping hot cup of joe (or tea if that’s more her thing!), and every time she uses it she’ll be reminded of her thoughtful child. What more could you ask for from a Mother’s Day gift?

For the Conscious Shopper

Many mothers are the primary shoppers in their household. Whether they’re picking up groceries, clothing, home supplies, decor, or any other necessities that their family may need, shopping tends to take up a large part of their free time (for better or worse!).

However, times are changing and we’re all becoming a lot more conscious of the way we shop. We’re more aware of excessive packaging, clean ingredients, and ethical labor practices. This insistence on intentional shopping isn’t just for millennials - it’s for your mom too.


Consider your mom’s shopping habits. Is she the type to carefully evaluate each organic apple in the store, looking for the perfect specimen? Would she prefer to spend her downtime strolling through the aisles of a flea market or a vintage shop? Does she seek out opportunities to donate items or buy second hand instead of getting everything brand new?

If reading that paragraph made you picture your mom, it’s likely that she’s the Conscious Shopper. This sassy but sweet tote bag could be the best gift if you’re looking for something that she’ll use each and every day. It’s reusable, so she’ll never have to feel guilty about contributing single-use plastic or packaging to landfills around the world. Now, those hours spent shopping to keep her household afloat or simply spending a day looking for a new treasure can remind her of you and the intentional choice you made to make her life more sustainable.

For the Plant Lady

There’s something about adding a bit of greenery to your home that makes it feel fresh and new, even alive and full of vitality. The general population has become houseplant-obsessed over the last few years, but the true trendsetters were, you guessed it, our moms.


Think back to your home growing up. Was your mom an avid indoor gardener? Or was she the type to get out her spade and get down and dirty outdoors? Did she have a penchant for fresh flowers, set in vases around your home, or did she prefer a more organic approach to cultivating plants?

If your mom has a green thumb, we’ll call her the Plant Lady. Here at Dune, we feel a connection to this kind of mom and have plenty to offer you in terms of Mother’s Day gifts. For the mom who scours the farmer’s market looking for the brightest blooms, a woven market tote could be a stunning present. If your mom is more about displaying plants throughout her home (real or faux), you can find single stems, hanging planters, and more here at Dune.

No matter what your mother is interested in, finding her a gift that matches her exuberance and individuality is a must for Mother’s Day. This year, even if you’re working with a bit of a tight deadline, head to a shop in your town that curates handmade and vintage goods. You’ll be sure to find something that will make your mom’s eyes light up with gratitude, and your heart swell with pride.

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