Trend Report: Sustainable Home Goods


When you think of home goods, what comes to mind? Is it a set of trinkets or shelves styled with items that perfectly reflect your personality? Is it a big box interiors store? Is it a favorite wallet, or a set of utensils you can use every day?

For us, home goods are the epitome of making a house feel like home. They are the pieces that you choose out of love, not necessity. They are meant to showcase your personal style and sensibility, and perhaps function in your daily life as an item that gives you peace and comfort.

For years, home goods have been widely available in mass retailers and boutique gift shops, but they have rarely been of the same quality and sustainability that they are today. We are enamored with those one-of-a-kind pieces that were created with the environment and other makers in mind. It’s clear to us that sustainable home goods are an up and coming trend.


What are sustainable home goods?

Sustainable home goods are personal items or pieces of decor that are made through sustainable means or with earth-friendly materials. 

Sustainability comes in many forms, so this definition is a simple way for us to make sure that we’re sourcing our inventory correctly and stocking our shelves with products that you can feel good about purchasing. Recently, we’ve been filling the shop with cork wallets and card holders, which are not only made of a sustainable textile, but with sustainable business practices like artisanal production.

In addition to new items that have been created sustainably, we would be remiss to forgo mention of the vintage goods that we carry in Dune. Items that have been handed down for generations are in their very essence sustainable, as they’ve held onto their quality for years and haven’t contributed to the endless cycle of waste that our society continues to produce.


Why we love sustainable home goods

Simple sustainable

It might be the obvious answer, but the number one thing drawing us to these pieces is their impact (or lack thereof) on the environment. Just as we spend hours upon hours curating Dune’s inventory, we know that you are willing to spend the time and effort to ensure you’re purchasing items that are as good for the world as they are for your home.

Singularly stunning

Sustainable goods aren’t typically made en masse (which is what makes them sustainable!), so we love their individuality and artisanal look. When you’re searching for home goods that fit your personal style, wouldn’t you rather have something that nobody else has? These items aren’t just statement pieces, they’re stunningly individual.


Support local makers

As tends to be the case with Dune, the things that we love are most often made by local makers and small business owners. These forward thinkers are leading the way in sustainable home goods and finding new and interesting ways to be environmentally-friendly while producing gorgeous products. 

The next time that you’re looking for the perfect piece for your home, or an accessory to show off your style, consider the sustainability factor. Was this piece made in a factory? Were its producers paid fairly and treated well? What was the carbon footprint of this item? If you can answer these questions confidently and positively, you may just have a winner on your hands.