Trend Report: (Sub)Urban Jungle

Image courtesy of  @thecuriousnatalia

Image courtesy of @thecuriousnatalia

There’s something lovely about a home full of plants. Picture yourself curled up with a thick blanket on a cold day, reading a book and sipping tea amongst a canopy of birds of paradise plants and fiddle leaf fig trees. Imagine what it could feel like to lay in your living room on a vintage rug in a glowing patch of sunlight, soaking up the vitamin D like the snake plants and monsteras all around you.

These visions are lush, and they’re the exact reason why houseplants have become so popular with interiors-obsessed individuals just like you.

We’re calling it: the sub(urban) jungle is the latest interiors trend that you’ll want to jump on.

A brief history of houseplants

Houseplants are nothing new to the interiors world. Your grandparents probably had a few plants around the house, or perhaps your mom had a favorite ficus that still sits in the same corner that it lived in throughout your childhood.

The addiction to keeping plants indoors started much earlier than a few generations ago, though. According to The Joy of Plants, the Chinese were growing plants in their homes as decorative pieces as early as 1,000 B.C. Plants were featured essentially as hanging art installments, with leaves that flowed from pots throughout the home, much like today’s macrame plant hangers.

They say trends always come back around, and we’d have to agree with that mysterious “they” in this instance. Houseplants have come back in style with a vengeance - and a distinctly bohemian flair.


Why we love plants

It’s not difficult to see why we love rooms filled with plants. They’re visually appealing, and aesthetically add a lot to whichever area of your home that you add them to. However, there is more to love about houseplants than just the way they look.

Most items that we use to decorate our homes are beautiful. They’re hopefully handcrafted or vintage, with an individuality that is inspiring and distinctly describes our design sensibilities. There’s only one thing missing: life. Plants are the one thing that you can bring into your home to add vitality. These living, breathing beings bring your interiors to life in a way that no other decorative element could.


Speaking of breathing, houseplants have another benefit that actually benefits your health. Studies show that having plants in your home improves air quality. When you live in an older home or an apartment building, this can be particularly enticing as your home’s ventilation may not be enough to keep you breathing easy.

Finally, plants provide you with an opportunity for individuality through their distinct shapes, colors, and growing styles. You can also add your flair to any houseplant by choosing a bold or minimal planter, or opting for a nature-inspired woven basket. The way that you display your plant says as much about your style as the plant that you choose, and the options are truly endless.

It’s easy to take the first step toward building your own (sub)urban jungle - simply purchase a houseplant that fits your needs! Consider your home’s availability of light, how often you want to water the plant, and which plants are pet-friendly before making your purchase. Once you’ve chosen “the one”, head on over to our shop, say hello, and peruse our multitude of potting options, from stunning terracotta planters to macrame hangers for your favorite succulents. We can’t wait to see what you do with your green thumb.